IT Due Diligence Process


Due Diligence is an investigation process to find the impact of any new requirement on the organization’s business processes and IT Systems. New requirement can be:

  • New Requirement: 
    • For example, support for multiple currency in a Supply Chain Management system
  • Mandate: 
    • For example, implementation of ICD-10 changes on Healthcare IT systems.
  • Technology Migration:
    • For example, migration of legacy Cash Billing application (built on Mainframes) to web based application.

Due Diligence Process

Let us understand the various steps involved in Due Diligence for implementation of ICD-10 changes on Hospital business processes and related IT systems:

Due Diligence Process

Due Diligence Report Format (Sample)

Due Diligence Report Format

Note: There can be situation where some of the changes can impact only the IT System but not the business process.


Due Diligence is an essential and the first step that every organization need to perform for implementing a new requirement to understand the magnitude of the changes. Based on this, organization can build their roadmap for implementation of new mandate, or decide on Go/No Go with the new requirement or technology migration.






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